General Terms for Aasha Consultations

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These general terms detail the conditions for service provision of the site They cannot contradict the various regulations and directives of any current or forthcoming EU consumer laws.

These general terms define the business relationship between the client, hereafter referred to as "the Consultant" , Monacorp Sàrl Route de Champ-Colin 12 1260 Nyon Switzerland and the company who markets offers related to the site, and hereafter referred to as "The Site".

Preamble: general terms of site use by the internet user

The Consultant connecting to the site and placing an order for free or payable services must be a natural person and of legal age according to the law in his country of residence.

Mere connection to the site constitutes the Consultant's acceptance of the entire general terms of use and sale.

The present general terms of site use may be modified at any time, without prior warning. It is therefore advisable for the Consultant to regularly consult the latest version of the general terms of sale on the internet site

1. Moral and professional obligation of the psychic

The internet site and the mails associated with it offer products, texts and studies in the clairvoyance and esoteric domain.

The reading is not subjected to any particular professional control. No official diploma gives recognition to any medium training or skill.

However the person officiating as the psychic under the name of Aasha is obligated to respect a moral and professional charter, of which the main regulations are the content of these "General Terms of Consultation".

2. Personal details

The personal details and information supplied to the site by the consultant, in order to implement the service requested, are strictly personal and confidential and cannot be given to a third party under any circumstances.

The site may keep the consultant's personal details after an order form on the site or on a page linked to the site has been completed, whether the product is free or payable.

The site may only communicate this information to commercial partners if the internet user has agreed to it by checking the box provided for this purpose.

To unsubscribe from partners' offers, the Consultant must use the cancellation links provided in the site partners' mails.

3. Business Model / Pricing

Aasha will offer, depending on the clients and the feelings she got from the free reading, grand studies, with prices starting at 377 INR. Payment will be done online, through credit card, on a secured page, if the client wishes to order a grand study at some point.

Aasha will ask visitors if they want to receive a reading, based on the answers given by the visitor and what preoccupies them.
The visitor will "optin" to receive this first reading, Aasha will then ask him/her if they want to receive further offers from Aasha through a newsletter, if so, the visitor will also receive updates and offers from Aasha, once the first reading is sent.

If the visitor does not wish to receive further newsletters, he/she will only get the reading requested and never hear from Aasha again.

Aasha will also use the highest standard of clarity by using the "double optin" technique, sending an immediate email to people requesting a reading, asking them to click on the link inside this email to confirm that they really want it.

If the visitor is optin to receive further newsletter, he/she will receive offers now and then, and they can decide to get deeper readings or to buy any other products offered in the future. The grand study is sold with a starting price of 377 INR and can go up to 997 INR depending on the options chosen.

4. Health, legality

The texts supplied on the site and the contents associated with it cannot be considered tantamount to advice given by recognized and controlled professions, such as legal, medical or psychological advice.

If the Consultant suffers from an illness or encounters any particular problems (notably lawful or legal), he must consult the professionals most suited to his problem as soon as possible.

The site strictly renounces to respond to any problem or answer any question concerning physical or mental health submitted by the consultant.

The site promises never to give advice which may incite the consultant to infringe the law or be detrimental to a third party.

5. Products offered on the site and in e-mails

The internet site and the e-mails associated with it market payable products in the clairvoyance, divination, astrology, tarot card interpretation, lucky numbers and personal development domains.

These products take the form of e-books, audio or audio-visual recordings, texts, illustrations, and various objects linked to occultism. These products may be available in the internet site boutique, or offered by e-mail.

Within the framework of its welcome offer, the Site offers each newly subscribed member a free reading.

The Site does not guarantee that the events mentioned on the site or in the associated mails will take place.

6. Technical conditions for delivery of readings and illustrations without material aid

The ordered texts and illustrations without material aid, either free or payable, are sent through electronic channels, such as e-mails or files to download.

The Company cannot be held responsible for blocking which could provoke difficulties in conveying these texts and illustrations, such as anti-spam or anti-virus filters.

The Consultant should notably verify his computer settings and include the sender's address "[email protected]" in his list of accepted contacts.

7. Unsubscribing

If the Consultant no longer wishes to receive mails from the Site, he may request it following the cancellation links present in all mails sent by the Site.

The Site attracts the attention of the Consultant to the fact that unsubscribing deactivates all links present in mails he may have received from the Site beforehand. The Consultant will no longer have access to products delivered in this manner, if he has not previously saved them on his computer.

8. Payment and reimbursement

Online payments are made via secure banking channels. If the User's credit card is refused, the Company reserves the right to try charging it again within the period stated by the laws and regulations in force and as many times as these laws and regulations permit it to do so. The Company reserves the right to add, remove, suspend, temporarily or permanently replace the payment systems, in order to optimize the quality of service and without prior notice. There is no delivery charge for the intangible products or the tangible products. The Company reserves the right to change the prices of its offers without giving the User prior notice

If the Consultant is not satisfied, the Site promises to reimburse the sum paid by the Consultant within the first 3 months after purchase, and after sending a simple request sent to the following address:  [email protected].

9. Guarantees

The Site cannot be held responsible for the duration, maintaining accessibility or the erasing of the contents ordered.

The Site cannot be held responsible for the Consultant's failure to register an order.

The Site withdraws all responsibility for problems occurring during secured transactions. This responsibility lies with the different organizations providing these services.

10. Product availability

With regards to immaterial products, the Site promises to provide all the reasonable technical solutions to allow permanent accessibility to the site as well as the texts and illustrations related to it, subject to the necessary maintenance interventions, faults specific to the internet network or malfeasance independent of its will.

As a consequence, The Site withdraws all responsibility for failure to access its internet site or the text and illustration pages related to it.

The Site cannot guarantee that the site is exempt of any computer viruses independent of its will.

11. Case of force majeure

The Site withdraws all responsibility for any sort of breach of its contractual obligations in the case of force majeure or circumstances beyond its control, including, but not limited to war, catastrophes, fires, internal or external strikes, internal or external failures or faults, and any events that generally hinder proper order execution.

12. Intellectual property rights

The entire contents of the Web pages (images, brand names, logos, acronyms, software, texts, algorithms) and all the information presented by the Site or its suppliers are protected by intellectual and brand name property rights.

Any reproduction or use provided for by the intellectual property protection laws must be subjected to prior authorization from the Site.

Any non authorized exploitation of all or a part of the Website contents and intellectual property rights may result in legal proceedings.

13. Duration

The duration time for applying these present general terms of sale is unlimited, unless modified or erased by the Site.

14. Contact

Monacorp Sàrl
Route de Champ-Colin 12
1260 Nyon

15. Territoriality

The present general terms are subject to the laws in the country where the headquarters of the company exploiting the site are to be found.